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Welcome to safari leather here you will find a variety of hand made ammunition carrying systems. I make a range of sizes and designs to suit most shooting situations, from the 17 HMR for the vermin shooter to the large magnum calibres for big game hunting. Most of the range I produce are for deer stalking, when a few spare rounds in your pocket are all thatís required for a morning or evening stalk. Added to that I also make higher capacity pouches and belt slides for the driven boar shooter, as well as tailor made belts to fit both you and the required application properly.

Every thing I make is hand made and hand stitched using the best quality top grain leather and the strongest polyester thread, to give you a product that with just a little care and attention will last for many years. All the stitching is carried out by me using a traditional English saddle stitch, which is preformed using two needles, creating a double row of stitching one on each side of the piece, resulting in a far stronger and more reliable seam than a sewing machine can produce. I finish all of my products with dubbing, which will protect them and keep them supple. I recommend that you re-apply some sort of similar product to keep your leather goods in the best condition.

Stalkers Pouch
Hatchet Sheath hand made bespoke leather products I also make one off bespoke pieces, if you have something special in mind send me your design and lets discuss how I can turn it in to reality, this also applies to knife , axe and hatchet sheaths, these for best results I would need the item to create the best fit possible.

One of the smaller things I make came about through necessity, I purchased a new scope with an illuminated reticule, and soon realised I had no where to store a spare battery, so I had a think and after a couple of attempts came up with a double battery box that will store two flat batteries safe and sound until required.

Please browse through my product pages and if you have any questions or if you have a requirement for something that is not shown, please contact me, I may be able to help.

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