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Safari Leather Shooting Products

Although the calibre you shoot may not be listed, many other calibres will fit the standard sizes that I make. For instance the 30 06 size will also take the 270 Win and the 25 06 and the 8 x 57 as well as the 303 British and many more. The 308 size will take the 243 Win and the 22 250 and the 6.5 x 55.

If you are unsure about the fit please contact me. If you have a calibre that does not fit my standard range of sizes, there is the options of me tailor making something for you, I would just need an empty case to work from if it’s a calibre I don’t have.

Please note: images are for leather products only and ammunition is not included.

safari leather The stalkers pouch

The stalkers pouch comes in four sizes, the largest size will hold five 30 06 rounds, the next smallest pouch will hold five 308 rounds, the next will hold five 223 rounds and the smallest will hold seven 17 HMR rounds.

The pouch offers good protection to bullet tips and has a stylish, traditional look that will not rattle or make a noise in your pocket. The pouch is made from full grain 2.2mm shoulder leather and is stitched in a contrasting colour thread, it’s finished with the safari leather logo, the 17HMR does not have my logo due to its small size.

17 HMR leather bullet stalkers pouch safari leather stalkers pouch small stalkers pouch medium leather stalkers pouch large
17 HMR £25.00 small £25.00 medium £25.00 Large £25.00
safari leather shooting products The Looped Slide

The looped slide comes in many sizes, the smallest are designed to hold cartridges based on the 308 win case, these would include 243 and the 22 250 etc. Their capacity ranges from five to ten rounds, with the higher capacity slides having the option of belt loops stitched on the back. I make these in a range of calibres up to 375 Holland and Holland, larger calibres can be made to order.

The looped slide ammunition holder is made from two different leathers, the first a waxy pull up leather forms the front and the loops, while the back is made from dyed veg tan leather to add a degree of stiffness, they are all finished with the Safari Leather logo embossed on the back.

If you require a higher capacity or the 10 round versions with belt loops, please contact me for a price. The prices below are for the six round options without belt loops and 10 round 30 06.

looped slide 308 bullet holder looped slide 30 06 leather bullet holder looped slide 375 HH hand made leather bullet holder 30 06 10 round bullet holder
308 Size £64.00 30 06 Size £71.80 375 HH £100.00 30 06 10 Round £115.00
safari leather hand made products The Boar pouch

The boar pouch carries up to twenty rounds in a looped belt system in 30 06 size. In the back of the pouch there are ten fixed cartridge loops and a further ten can be added in the form of a looped slide, which slips in the pouch.

Alternatively you can store your spare magazine or a pen knife or your ear defenders in the pouch, or whatever small essentials you require for the day.

I can supply the pouch with or without the fixed cartridge loops, to suit your requirements. I also offer two closure options, either a traditional Sam Brown stud or a rotating hook, please stipulate your preference when ordering.

boar pouch leather shooting accessory boar pouch with loops hand made leather boar pouch leather 10 round drop in looped belt boar pouch leather shooting product clasp styles
No loops £126.00 With loops £210.00 With loops and 10 round drop in looped belt £315.00 Traditional or rotating hook
Clasp type
Clasp type
Clasp type
leather shooting accessory products The hunters belt

The hunter’s belt is the perfect accompaniment for a boar pouch, its a two inch wide belt made from top grain leather, they have a solid brass buckle with two tongues and are completely hand stitched, all the stitching goes down the belt not across it which causes weak areas that can break with use.

Most of my belt blanks are around 58 – 60 inches long; when ordering please stipulate your waist size (over the top of your clothes) and I will finish the belt to fit you.

The belt comes complete with a keeper loop and the Safari leather logo embossed into it. I also make a 1.5 inch wide belt, ideal for wearing on your jeans or as a lighter hunting belt, please stipulate what length you require and colour.

leather belts hand made hunters belt quality leather product hand made leather belts different colours
1.5 inch wide leather belt Price £44.00 please add waist size when making payment 2 inch wide leather belt Price £53.00 add waist size when making payment
Please add Waist size
Please add Waist size
shooting accessories leather products The Battery Box

The battery box will keep two CR2032 cells safe and secure, for your illuminated scope. The dedicated plastic box has a clip closure and the leather jacket that covers the box is press stud fastened. The battery box is fitted with an easy to operate clip for securing to a rifle case or a jacket.

battery box leather battery holder      
Price £28.20      
safari leather products for shooting Boot Protector

Protect your boots from your shotgun. If you are like me and rest your broken shotgun barrels on your foot, while waiting to shoot on a clay stand or drive, then you have probably ended up with black rings or scratches on your boots, where your shotgun barrels have been resting.

Protect your expensive boots with a boot protector, that simply attaches to the laces of your boots with a press stud, allowing you to use your foot as a rest without the danger of ruining your boots.

leather boot protector for shotgun      
Price £25.50      
bespoke leather shooting products Bespoke Leather work

Please contact me with your idea's or better still make a sketch with a few dimensions and email it to me via the contact page.

If its a leather product I can make, I will work a price out for you and we can take it from there.

Alternatively if there is something I already make, that you feel could be improved or modified to suit your needs please let me know.

hatchet sheath hand made leatherwork knife sheaf quality bespoke leatherwork leather business card holder  
Contact Me for Prices      


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