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Safari Leather Shooting Products

Although the calibre you shoot may not be listed, many other calibres will fit the standard sizes that I make. For instance the 30 06 size will also take the 270 Win and the 25 06 and the 8 x 57 as well as the 303 British and many more. The 308 size will take the 243 Win and the 22 250 and the 6.5 x 55.

If you are unsure about the fit please contact me. If you have a calibre that does not fit my standard range of sizes, there is the options of me tailor making something for you, I would just need an empty case to work from if it’s a calibre I don’t have.

Please note: images are for leather products only and ammunition is not included.

safari leather Rimfire Logo pouch

The rim fire logo pouch holds up to forty 17 HMR rounds or about fifty 22LR rounds. It is made from full grain leather and is totally hand stitched with a polyester thread that will not rot. The pouch features the Safari Leather logo and closes with a brass press stud.

rimfire logo pouch leather shooting pouches    
Price £64.00    
safari leather shooting products Boar Snake Pouches

The small bore snake pouch will hold a bore snake up to 338 Win mag and comes complete with a small plastic bottle for you to keep a small amount of oil in, if you require more storage space then the large bore snake pouch may well be a more suitable option, as it will hold several rifle calibre bore snakes or a 12 gauge snake and oil bottle.

Rifle bore snake pouch Shotgun bore snake pouch Rifle bore snake pouches
Price Small Bore £56.00 Price Large Bore £74.60  
safari leather hand made products Eight Round 12 gauge cartridge slide

The eight round 12 gauge cartridge slide is beautifully hand crafted piece of leather work. Made from full grain leather and hand stitched using English saddle stitch. Ideal for when only a few rounds are required, or used in conjunction with a cartridge bag, when some different shot size cartridges can be kept separately. The slide attaches to a belt up to 2 inches wide via two press stud fastened loops.

Eight round twelve gauge cartridge slide 12 Gauge cartridge slide eight rounds  
Price £194.00 (Belts made to measure and sold separately)  
leather shooting accessory products Loaders Pouch

This belt mounted pouch will hold up to forty 12 gauge cartridges; the pouch is very sturdy and is constructed from 3.2 mm thick full grain leather, it is hand stitched throughout and has two additional rivets to stop your belt wearing against the stitching. There are two eyelets in the bottom of the pouch that will act as drain holes should you get caught in the rain.

loaders pouch ammunition pouches leather pouch for shotgun ammunition leather pouch for shotgun ammunition
Price £141.00 (Belts made to measure and sold separately)  
shooting accessories leather products The leather pocket

The leather pocket was originally designed to be a belt mounted utility bag, something to keep your mobile phone in as well as your wallet, car keys and other small items that fill your trouser and jacket pockets. It can also be used, with a change of interior pockets as a driven boar ammunition pouch, having enough room for a spare magazine or an ammunition slide, folding knife and other essentials. Made from a combination of full grain leather and Horween.

leather pocket shooting accessory leather pocket for ammunition  
Price £224.00    
(Please call me to discuss your requirements)    
safari leather products for shooting Big game pouch

The big game pouch is made specifically for large calibre rifle ammunition; the amount of rounds it can hold is dependent on calibre, in 416 Rigby it holds six rounds and in 375 Holland & Holland it holds seven. The pouch will fit on a 2 inch wide belt and is fastened with a Sam Brown stud. The pouch is like all the products I make entirely hand stitched and made from the best quality full grain leather.

big game pouch leather shooting pouches big game pouch leather shooting accessory  
Price £210.00 (Belts made to measure and sold separately)  
bespoke leather shooting products Muntjac carry sling

The muntjac carry sling does exactly what its name suggests, made from 2 inch wide canvas strapping with stainless steel D rings hand sewn on each end; it is from these D rings I attach 5 mm polyester cord with a sliding noose on each of the four ends. Simply slip each noose over the legs of the muntjac and tighten, the little deer can then be carried over the shoulder. The carry sling is suitable for deer up to the size of roe deer but with a higher attachment around the leg, about knee height.

Safari leather shooting pouches    
Price £29.00    


bespoke leather shooting products Dangerous Game Ammo Slide

The dangerous game ammunition slide carries ten rounds of large bore ammunition in individually hand stiched pockets, this means the ammunition is held safely but not as tightly as if it were held by a loop. Should you need to reload in a hurry you will appreciate the ease with which the rounds can be extracted from the slide. The pictured slide is in 500/416 Nitro Express.

Nitro express 500 416 500 416 slide  
Price £225.00 (Belts made to measure and sold separately)  
(Please call me to discuss your requirements)    


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